Sunday, May 18, 2008

Card Candy, anyone?

OK, if you are in one of my card candy groups, and you don't want a spoiler, DON'T LOOK!

So, the one with four pieces of card candy now has five.

My friend Nej suggested a hot pink VW Bug charm done on shrinky dink. Well, I was too lazy and tired to take a picture of them, and they turned out darker than planned. I forgot to account that shrinkage makes the colors darker.

Sadly, mine didn't make it, but the other gals in the group will get them... WHOO HOO.

Anyway... Here is my card candy.

Group 2

What you can't tell from this picture is that the frogs, snail and dragonfly have diamond glaze on the eyes for a 3D effect. I also used a Sakura Stardust pen for the wings of the dragonfly, and the legs on the frogs with an overlay with Sakura Glaze pens. This enabled me to keep the glittery effect from the Stardust pen without the mess (the glitter rubs off onto fingertips and whatever else it touches). It also allowed me to change the color slightly, which I really loved. I used just a plain glaze pen on the snail body.

Group 3

This is the one that I was talking about when I said there is now a 5th piece of candy. It's a little VW Bug drawn on shrink plastic, and then shrunk. They turned out cute, but it's late, and I've been in my girl cave all day, and I am ready to go to bed and not dream about card candy anymore. I seriously have been dreaming about these. UGH. So, anyway, maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of the car charms... and then again, maybe not... :)

Group 5

This was done mostly with glaze pens and stamps. The sun is stamped in yellow with a yellow glaze pen edging. I used a button in the center tied with a pale yellow fiber.

The piece with multiple drinks are all colored with glaze pens in different colors. I then punched a hole with my ribbon thread punch and put yellow ribbon through it before backing it on the pink cardstock.
The drink with the umbrella is quite interesting. It looks like the glass is "sweating" due to the clear embossing powder on it. I then colored over the blue umbrella with a clear glaze pen. It didn't look quite complete to me, so I used my watercolor brush in SU! Bordering Blue to create a "puddle" under the glass, which I then covered over with the clear glaze pen.
The sand castle was stamped with VersaMark and I then used Yellow Ochre embossing powder on it. I heated it with a heat tool, and the finished effect was a sort of "sandy" look. I found out while working on this swap that I can't emboss worth crap.

Group 6
So, this one was done with the SU set Eat Cake. I LOVE this set, because, well, I am a cake whore. I did add the quote about so many candles, so little cake, because it is true, and because the stamp I have with that on it is an ugly font, and I didn't want to use it. So, I printed it on my computer. The red for the happy birthday didn't turn out as dark as I would have liked, but I tried to emboss, and it turned out looking like sh**. SO, I scrapped that idea. Can you believe I don't have a SINGLE red stamp pad?? I can't either, but it's true. I need one. Anyway. Notice on that happy birthday piece the tiny tag with the red ribbon in the corner. It says eat cake! Isn't that CUTE??? I LOVE how that turned out. Paper pieced the cake, and used stickles on the candle tips. The base of the cake is also paper pieced, and let me tell you what a pain in the butt that was. This set is NOT symmetrical, so it's not like you can stamp on the back of the paper and cut it out. I used a metallic silver from DCWV metallic stack, stamped in black Staz On, cut that out, and then turned it over and traced on the back side of the silver paper. Then I cut them out and ran them through my Xyron X (which I call the X Box) and also put the cake pieces through. Then I stamped the cake image in black on white cardstock, and my friend Jenalih stuck them on while I was doing something else... what was I doing??? I can't even remember now... Anyway. Here they are... This is what I've been doing in my girl cave for the last 72 hours... Sad thing is, I was mostly done with two of the groups before I started. Now to the post office! :D


Candice said...

Very cute! I love them!

jenalih said...

I believe you were showing my hubby your master bath and laundry room issues and ideas. ;)