Sunday, June 1, 2008

It will help me immensely

if certain people with whom I co-parent would not bitch about me in front of the children. Or about their father.

Here's a NEWS FLASH.

YOU LEFT to pursue your homosexual love interest. Good for you. Whatever. YOU also chose to let HIM have home base custody of the kids with you having weekend visitation. That was YOUR choice so you could go live in her double wide mobile home which currently has no freakin OVEN. WHATEVER. Also YOUR choice.

But, don't come talk to me about the boy child's pants being missing. Because you know what? he didn't come home NAKED. He wore clothes home. So if he wore pants over here from there and it's that big a deal to you, make him change before he comes home. AND, if he did wear the pants over here, that means a pair of OUR pants are there. SO WHO CARES????

Do you know how many pairs of socks our daughter has left over there? Some of them are MINE. Have I ever said a WORD to you about it? NO. Because you know what? She has socks on. Does it really matter which house they came from or who purchased them???? GIVE ME A BREAK. Please, sew labels in their clothing if it's such a big deal, or SHUT THE HELL UP. Oh, I forgot, you're both butch and neither of you sew. Or clean, for that matter. I find it interesting that every time a pair of pants goes missing, YOU find them in your sty a couple weeks later, yet I never get an apology.

Not only that, but shut up about the nutritional value of cereal. Both of you are obese heiffers, so I find it humerous that you will both bitch and moan about how unhealthy I am. Hmmm... when was the last time I was unexpectedly in the hospital??? Hmm, that would have been five years ago for an emergency appendectomy. How bout YOU? a year ago? Maybe?

And, I'd love to be able to have my kids for a weekend, while someone else takes care of them for FREE while I work two jobs during the week. It must be nice to have dual income and practically no kids. Know what it costs to pay for daycare these days? About $115 per week per child. How much do you pay in child support? $290. For TWO kids. Incidentally, my husband saved you $400 filing fee to change it by writing you a check back every month for $87. Sounds like a jack ass alright. I can see why your trailer living lesbian lover had so much appeal for you.

Gee, and thanks for your concern for my child w/ autism. I'm so glad the two of you are such fit parents that you have a 12 year old girl and an almost 9 year old boy sharing a bedroom. You should be worried about my child, since you clearly have such a good handle on your own lives that you would forego fixing your fucking oven to fly out to San Diego to take the kids to Sea World. Hmm... how much healthy cooking can you really do in the microwave/toaster oven????

My point here is this.... You have five days a week to bitch and moan about me and the father of your children. Five days when they aren't there. SHUT THE HELL UP when they are there. I will gladly let you take them during the week so we can be the disneyland parents for a while. Must be nice. I don't talk smack about you to the kids all week, the least you could do is shut up for the weekend. I have kids here who don't have contact with the other parent, so a 9 year old inciting issues in our family by complaining about the lack of fun stuff they get to do is really not helpful. If you cared about these kids at all you wouldn't be so disrespectful about their other set of parents. Especially when that set of parents is primarily responsible for the care of the children in question. How nice that you have "free" childcare that you can then bad mouth.

Hope you have the money saved to pay for their therapy when they are older because of how much you've screwed them up. Oh, that money will probably finally fix the oven, huh?


Alex said...

The real question is "who's pants are they? Her's or the child's?" Cuz if they are her's she can gripe, if they are the kid's who cares where they are stored and if he wants to store them at the other location, they are HIS pants. Right?

W, I still think a cape is in order!!!

Melzie said...

I am really, really grateful for the relationship I have with th eother half... wow. I'm so sorry to hear that drama is still going on. :(

Candice said...

LOL! Sounds a bit bitter! ;) Hugs!

MomOf5Gents said...

Love you so much! Sorry you have to put up with the garbage.

Frisbies Forever said...

Unfortunately, I understand. It really hurts when parents are divorced and the kids end up paying the price emotionally. I end up quite frequently going to the bathroom and bawling after exchanges and have to hear my kids tell me what a horrible parent the other kids parents think I am and how it makes them feel. I hate that every judgment is so harsh when viewed by a non-custodial parent. They are not the ones in the trenches. They will always finger point and bad-mouth because they have nothing better to do all week. They probably are pretty dissatisfied with their lives, or are feeling guilty because of their choices, or because they just have an angry outlook on life. Sometimes, the partner will jump on the band wagon and become the leader because of lies that previous spouse has stated to make themselves appear superior. Like I always say, "giving birth no more makes you a mother than standing in a garage makes you a car." The kids even if they use the comments to their advantage as youth, when they get older, they KNOW who was there for them and who parented and who taught them things that they must now unravel. They KNOW who really loved them and watched over them and that will take care of oodles of therapy. Smile and remember there is ONE judge over all that it will not set well with.