Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, it IS 1 a.m.

Actually, it's quarter after. And I am just going to bed after putting some diamond glaze on some name tags. Did I mention I have over committed? AGAIN????

Did I also mention that my husband is going to be gone by about 7:45 a.m.?

So, I have been working for several days on a swap that I am trying to finish up, before I can even START the next one I signed up for. And while I was cutting out minute little flowers today for that swap, I realized I had nine name tags to make for an event at church tomorrow. No biggie, right? Yeah... except that I had to run to the office supply store to get badge holders for the name tags. And, I had to run and pick up a couple of items for a Halloween costume I am making. And attend a baby shower for my husband's cousin... This was all after I went to a neighbor's house this morning to make yogurt for a self reliance harvest party.

Did you know you can make your own yogurt? Yep. You can...

ANYWAY... knowing I don't do well without my 8 hours of sleep, and knowing I have to get up and take care of kids while putting the finishing touches on these name tags, AND finish up at least this one swap (and hopefully all three groups of my other plus the two for two swap that's now overdue) doesn't it make sense that I am sitting here to blog about it?????

I am apparently too tired to think clearly. GOOD NIGHT... :) (or should I say good morning?)

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jenalih said...

Hey I would be happy to help you out of your swap misery if you bring them with you this weekend...I'm sure I could help you get them all done, caught up, or even ahead of schedule. Just know I am more than happy to help out...and that would be less for me to pack! LMK (Can you tell I can't seem to decide what to bring to work on? I'm really just looking forward to getting away.)