Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's links

OK, so I went and saw a couple of sites you may be interested in. I have become addicted to stamps called Bellas. You can see them here:

And, there are others of us out there. We are called "bellaholics". Believe me, it's not my only addiction, but right now it's my preferred addiction. Anyway... Here is a link to a fellow bellaholic's blog:

And to the site she had us go look at today to check out these kits:

It's a kit of the month club...

And someday, I will join and buy them. Unfortunately, money being the way it is, it won't be happening in time for this kit... UGH...

Anyway, check em out! And leave a comment saying you found them here.


AKA Dubabella


sara :) said...

Stamp peddling whore!

Candice said...

Those are cute! I must say that Cakebella looks JUST like you! LOL! :)