Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I weep for our future.

Honestly. This picture, along with several others were sent to me in an email. What the hell? I don't get it. Is this so that when you get thirsty you can reach up and open that can of coke? And, do you take that out to sleep? And can you imagine what your ear looks like when the can is not in it? We are not talking about a little hole here, we are talking a loop of flesh stretched beyond recognition, and watch yourself on the car door. You're likely to pull your ear apart. And, don't know that it's fixable. It's nasty. I totally get freedom of expression, but, seriously? You look ridiculous. Also, red headed freak, are you a man or a woman? How do you shower with all that crap in your face? And, are those tatoos, or do you seriously just use a Sharpie to apply your eyeliner? I have a great idea! Lets put hooks in the skin of our backs and twirl around on a cable. It's the latest and greatest in amusement park rides.
I think what gets me about it is that I have been desperately trying to find a cream online this morning that has been pulled off the market by the FDA because they didn't fill out a proper New Drug Application.
It's good stuff.
It works. The manufacturers have done research on it. And it's the only thing I have found that works for my skin. And it's gone.
And now here are these people, presumably normal skinned people, who have permanently disfigured their faces and bodies with all sort of messed up crap, when all I want is for my face to not be red and rosacea laden and endure painful, no, EXCRUCIATING laser treatments, and stop looking like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. When I breathe or sneeze or flare my nostrils accidentally it hurts. I lie in bed awake at night wondering what kind of treatments I can try next, if I can get a skin graft, if a plastic surgeon will take pity on me and help me.
What? There's no cure? WOW, there's a shock. Apparently there's no cure for stupidity either.


jenalih said...

I weep with you. These images are scary. I'm for freedom of expression too, heck I even have a tattoo, but there are people out there that go way overboard (I wonder if they are bored?). I just hope my children have a bit more common sense than that and if they get a little bored with life I hope they will find something truly fulfilling instead of this kind of nonsense.

Jen said...

That is sooooooooo gross!! What the?!?!!? Talk about major surgery when they get older...if they even live that long...maybe they die young from ink or lead poisioning..hahaha...okay that was mean...but seriously...ewwwww!!