Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well, it has begun

It starts. It is the age of a new era. The dawn of a new day. Actually, I am just moving my blog to a new place. It's like a new apartment for my thoughts. YAY. Whatever. I will begin by saying, I hate change. I really hate it.
So Yahoo 360 is closing. And I decided rather than to fight with whatever their new blog place will be, I have decided to move it. I figure that I don't need to deal anymore with Yahoo than necessary. It irritates me. Enough said. :)


sara :) said...

Yahoo!!! Can't wait to see what kind of sugary sweet posts you come up with!

ATC said...

Congrats on the move and welcome aboard! :)

Tara said...

Hey W! glad to see your blog, don't think I ever saw your other one.