Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mono, and not the adhesive kind

ok, so we had a nice family dinner tonight. My SIL is here from Alaska, and so my FIL, MIL, BIL and 2 SILs came over for dinner. After dinner, someone makes a comment about my BIL being sick.
Uh oh...

So, one thing you should know about me is that I am a HUGE germaphobe. Not to the point where I have to sanitize my hands everytime someone touches me, but pretty seriously. So, my SIL says that my BIL thinks he has Mono. Not MonoAdhesive (used for scrapping for those of you who don't know) but Mononucleosis.


Another thing that you should know about me is that I have 6 kids. Two have been hospitalized within the last couple months. Typically children who get mono don't exhibit symptoms. Typically. But not always. AND if my kids get it and give it to me, heaven help us all. Good grief. Because I will be the one who ends up with a burst spleen, etc and will end up having surgery.

So poor Brad. He is sitting there and he coughed, and I gave him some hand sanitizer, and a few minutes later, he coughed again and I gave him more. We gave him some cough syrup and some Halls cough drops. Poor guy. He looks miserable. Anyway... when he said he thought he had mono, I asked him if he's been exposed to anyone with it, and he dodged the question. I don't know if that was a yes or if he's messing with me. He has a tendency to be funny.

Hopefully it will just be a bad virus. But I sprayed down everything with a disinfectant and washed all the cups, etc. (my kids have color coded glasses to prevent sharing and passing illness, and they only drink water out of them, so I don't wash them every day. But I threw them in there and my dh's cup that he was actively drinking out of, and made him put the dishwasher on the sanitize setting. I know.. I am a freak. But I hate germs. And I am too busy to be sick myself.

Anyway, if you're sick, stay home! Don't share your germs. I will fix a plate for any sickies, and send it to their house. I would even send home chicken soup with your dinner for lunch the next day. Now I have to go sanitize all my doorknobs. Again. It wouldn't be so bad except I had already done it today, and I would have waited until after they left if I had known he was sick :)


Mary said...

Sarah, here's hoping it was only a cold, and that no one in your family gets it! Don't forget your flu shots! Mary

W said...

Thanks Mary! I am hoping that too :)