Monday, November 12, 2007

My kid made a baked potato!

OK, I know that's not a big deal for a "typical" 10 year old, but for my kid with autism, it's awesome. Ok, and he made it in the microwave, but these weren't store bought potatoes. These are ones I bought from a friend who dug them herself, so they are still covered in dirt.
So, he washed it, and poked it and put it in the microwave and pushed the button for baked potato. But then he also made one for his sister. It's awesome. It gives me so much hope.

I know that sounds strange. But for a kid that just started making his own sandwiches about a year ago, I think it's great. And he made one for his sister, which is awesome, because he doesn't get along with her that well. Anyway, I am really hopeful about it.

So that is my news for the day :)


sara :) said...

That is so great! I totally understand your excitement. When Sidney out of the blue does certain things she's never done before, it brings tears to my eyes. :)

Ang :o) said...

That is so great. Small milestones lead to great ones this is awesome! :) You should be very proud.