Monday, March 24, 2008

A Few Cards

I made for some swaps... I can't remember if I posted my quote swap already, so if not, I apologize. But anyway.

One is the quote swap that Courtney hosted, one is "On the Farm" from Card Cafe, and one is "Here Birdie, Birdie" also from Card Cafe. Here they are, hope you enjoy. Eventually I will get more stuff blogged. I promise. Lef T was talking to me about that today, saying that he wanted me to update. I haven't done much other than take care of stuff here since he had surgery, etc. :)


Candice said...

Those look awesome Sarah! I love them! Good going! Wish I was accomplishing as much as you! :)

sara :) said...

Cute! Love the bird one. I'm on a bird kick right now.

Christine said...

I am loving the quote one! You're awesome.