Friday, March 21, 2008

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed...

Now is one of those times. I know I will be ok. It's just... I like routine. I really like routine.
A LOT. So, on Wednesday, my dh had a SLAP repair. No, I didn't slap him and injure him so badly that he needed medical attention. It stands for superior labrum anterior to posterior. The labrum is the lip or ring of cartilidge around your shoulder socket that helps keep your arm bone in place. Here's a link to read more about it.

Anyway... he's in a sling for the next 4 weeks at least. And he's hating it. Anyone who knows my dh knows that he is VERY independednt. He doesn't like to have anyone do anything for him. He doesn't like to ask for help. So, the last couple days around our house have been a little rough. He is fine, but I have taken the weight of the world on my shoulders, and it's difficult. He also is not able to sleep in bed. He has been sleeping on the reclining sofa in our room. And I miss him. I miss putting my head on his shoulder while we talk. I miss him putting his head in my lap so I can play with his hair. So I am trying to keep it together while I pick up the slack. He is the one who does the dishes in our house, so I have been trying to keep them done. It's not a hard thing, it's just something that I don't enjoy doing. I mean, REALLY don't enjoy doing.

And I need to be better about telling him how much I appreciate that he does them. Because last night when I was getting ready to load the dishwasher, and dumping out disgusting cereal and milk that was still in bowls while trying not to dry heave, I was thinking how much I dislike the chore, and how grateful I am that he has done it. I don't think I can count on one hand (ok, maybe both) the times I have done the dishes in the last five years. It has honestly been less than 10. I mean, we will make up for it now, because I've done them twice just today, and haven't done the dinner dishes yet. But still. I can't tell you what it means to know that I never have to do dishes when he's well. And the thing is, my job is laundry. My dh feels the same way about laundry as I do about dishes. But I can guarantee you that he's done laundry more times than I've done dishes.

The point of this story is, I love my husband more than anything, and he's awesome. And I hope that after this week, he will get some kind of inkling about how much I love him, because it's really hard for me to tell him what he does right. I am one of those people who says nothing when things are ok, but when things aren't ok, WATCH OUT. So, honey, I LOVE YOU. YOU ROCK. I appreciate all you do for me. I am happy to take care of you during this crappy time. And I am really glad we did the shoulder first. Because knee surgery will be a cake walk after this. :D SMOOCHES.

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Frisbies Forever said...

OWWEE! My sympathy to you both. Surgery and recovery is not fun. I hope the knee surgery goes well too. Thank goodness for pain killers.