Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sorry to leave you hangin!

So this is the board I have my stickles in. I found a board at home depot in the trim section. It was a 1/4 inch thick, and it's 5.5 inches wide by 4 feet long unfinished poplar board. I drilled several holes in it with this tool:

Don't ask me what that little doodad is, because I have no CLUE what it's called. All I know is when I saw it in Home Depot, that it was what I needed to drill those holes. This size is a 3/4 inch. I came up with this measurement by taking the lid off of the Stickles bottle and holding the tools up to it until I found the one that most closely resembled the size I needed. So, my experiment is your gain. It's 3/4 inches.. LOL.

So, then I painted the board white with the high gloss paint I used to paint my door and the trim.

OH! I almost forgot, I sanded. Just enough to take the splintery parts off. And I used a Zig Writer w/ 100 grit sandpaper wrapped around it for the inside of the holes. It worked great.

Anyway, then we found some 5x6 inch wall brackets in the near the shelving hardware. Just white metal L shaped brackets. We used 3 because of the length of the board, just in case I ever want to use it for something other than stickles... And this is what it looked like after we got those mounted to the wall.

Now, I have not yet used double sided adhesive to stick the shelf down, which is what I am planning on doing, mostly because I am not sure I won't need more holes in it, not just for stickes, but other things.

So, I will be adhering it, but probably not with screws. And that will be fine, because the stickles are not that heavy.

And here is the finished shelf with the Stickles in it:


Donaldson family said...

Love this!!! Now I wish I had more room! :-)

sherri said...

You have a serious Stickle addiction. I bet this would be great for our MM paint too!.