Thursday, February 7, 2008

I forgot to tell this story

So, a week and a half ago at church, there was a young man who had just returned from a mission. They always are scheduled to speak in church after they get home. So, we were in church, sitting and waiting for the sacrament to be passed. And it's silent in the chapel. I mean, really silent. And we're sitting, and Mason points to this young man, and very much NOT in a whisper says, "mom, is that Pee Wee Herman?"

And, I said, "WHAT?" Big mistake...

"I SAID, is that PeeWee Herman?"

I am ready to die, and I whisper, "SHHH, no, that's not PeeWee, you need to whisper"

Outloud: "well, it looks like Pee Wee Herman"

Whispering mommy: "well it isn't. WHISPER"

OH, the mortification... LOL I thought I would die!!! I was so embarrassed. I apparently blocked it, because I didn't remember until Shad and I were talking about it last night while lying in bed... That little kid is just SO funny....

Oh, and it's totally my fault for letting them watch PeeWee's Big Adventure.


jenalih said...

LOLOLOL! Well I guess you made that bed. Thanks for the chuckle.

Candice said...

LOL! HILARIOUS! Funny boy!!

Jeanette said...

Yeah, I wore a necklace to church once when K was a little stink. He grabbed it and yelled "Mom, you have a hard on (heart on)!" during the sacrament prayer.

I could have died from embarrassment! So I feel your pain girl!