Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yep, I live near the hood.

SO, not IN the hood, but CLOSE to it. The Albertsons in question is not the nice new one on Greenhurst at 12th Ave. It's the one ON 12th Ave at 7th St. And, we've taken to calling it Little Albertsons. Not to be confused with ghetto Pauls on 11th Ave near Franklin. And unfortunately, he is not pulling my chain.

And the thing is, I was not with him, and had I been with him, she NEVER would have said it to him. At least I would think she would not have. But, then, I am pretty floored by the whole thing as it is. I NEVER would have said that to someone else's husband. EVER. It takes a special set of balls to be that, well, ballsy.

I have to say, too, that my comment to my dh about making a verbal response next time was a joke. He happened to be standing behind me reading over my shoulder, so I figured I'd give him some crap. His glares are quite good, powerful enough to melt stuff. And, she did apologize, but I think only because he glared at her, because if his reaction had been different, who knows? LOL But thankfully, I know him well enough to know I never had to worry for a second about it. :) I just was appalled that she would say it to him. I mean, I get it... I see how you would feel that eye for an eye type thing... but even if you say it to your closest friend, or your cheating ass husband, don't say it to someone else's husband. Anyway, I LOVE my hubby. He rocks. :)

And, she may have been dumb, but she can't be that dumb, she knew a good man when she saw him. :D


jenalih said...

I'm glad to hear she apologized...but a good glare can do that, I'm glad he has perfected his. I'm still just floored by it as well.

The Calkins Family said...

Yeah, that part of Nampa is skeery! But you're right, the Pauls on 11th. Now that is Creepy! Never go there at night!
That woman is a real class act!

Frisbies Forever said...

I don't live in the hood, or anywhere near it. We hear stupid crap like that all the time. My husband has started saying things like, I wonder what my wife would think about that? She'd probably dot your eye.
I have responded on occasion, what made you think that was appropriate? Or my personal favorite, My husband, a marine, knows no less than seven ways to cause tremendous bodily harm without ever leaving a mark. Think about it.
Probably not the most christian response but sometimes people really need to know how wrong they are.