Monday, February 4, 2008

I've changed my position.

On putting the toilet seat down. So, back in the day, long before my little men were potty trained, I swore I was going to teach them to go potty sitting down. Not so much because of the up/down seat issue that so many women have, but because men don't have the best aim. And if they sit, their junk points downward, and, well, you get the picture. Also, less splashing of toilet contents up onto the outside of the bowl.

Well, needless to say, it did not happen the way I planned, and when my boys learned how to use the potty, they stood up. I have to say that I was ecstatic when my older son actually decided to use the toilet, let alone care if he stood or sat, but that's a story for another time. Some day I will relay the story of his christening of the vents in our old house after dh and I got married. Let's just say that I am grateful this house has vents in the ceiling, even though it means I freeze my butt off every winter. ANYWAY....

So, I went into the bathroom this morning, and after wiping the seat off for the umpteenth time (thankfully I saw the sprinkles before I sat down, because there have been times in urinary urgency that I have not been as vigilant), I decided that I want them to lift the toilet seat. How they ended up standing to pee, but NOT lifting the seat, I will never know. But PLEASE, BOYS for the love of everything HOLY, PLEASE lift the seat. Leave it up. I really don't care. Just flush, and STOP PEEING all over the freaking toilet seat.

P.S. this does not apply to dh when using the master bathroom. I do not want to fall in during a half awake stupor, and he can aim.

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jenalih said...

LOL, that is the only thing I hate about having boys that sit...the droplets drive me nuts!