Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Card for Group 1

I am in a card swap. It's a shaped card swap. And, because I am a cake whore, I decided to make a cake card. If you are unfamiliar with how a card swap works, it's where you make a designated number of cards, all the same, and get them to the hostess by the appointed due date, and you get one of your cards, and then one of everyone else's cards back. So for this group, I have to make 10 cards, and I will get one of mine, plus nine others back. They are all different, and I am WAY excited to get this swap. But anyway. This is my card for group one. It folds at the bottom, so the "opening" is at the top, and it opens downward. If that makes sense. Anyway, I am quite pleased with it, and figured I would share.

I am also making a cupcake card for group two. It's not finished, but getting there. I will be working on those today since it's not fit outside for man nor beast, as it is SNOWING AGAIN.
Thanks for looking :)


jenalih said...

Ok, seeing this card is making me want your leftover chocolate are killing me girl!

sara :) said...

That is way cute. You whore!

MKB said...

That is SOOOOOOO cute! I love it! I am going to have to find out how to make it. Do you have a pattern for it?