Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My son

He is SUCH a riot. Ok, first off... I have a confession. I have hairy big toes. And, normally, I shave them. Normally. But... in the winter, I don't shave my legs. I have HORRIBLY dry skin and shaving makes it worse, and I'm always freezing, so, I just don't bother. Besides, I have to take a bath to do it, because I can't even wash my hair in my shower without bumping my elbows on the wall, so I have to shave in the bathtub. So, anyway... back to my kiddo.

I was on the couch in the loft this morning looking for socks. And my son points to my big toe and says, "hey mommy, what's that stuff?" And I look, and I said, "what stuff???" and he says, "that stuff on your toe? What's that stuff?" And I look at my toe, and I'm like, ok, my nails aren't polished right now, and the only thing on my toe is the hair. SO not femine, but.. well, I have only been showering lately due to the mole removal, so, I can't bend over to take care of the toes... I DO shave my underarms however.

OH! HONEY, I just thought of what I want for Valentine's day. LASER HAIR REMOVAL for my pits. (sorry, ADHD and all, and I wanted to tell him before I forgot)

Anyway, I told him, "it's hair.."

And this poor child looked completely horrified. I can't even think of another word to describe the look on this kid's little innocent face. He promptly crumpled into a ball on the floor, and cried with his face in his hands, "I JUST CAN'T BEAR IT!" and cried and cried! I believe I have scarred him for life...

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