Sunday, February 3, 2008

More snow!

I endured blistering winds and scorching deserts. I climbed to the tallest room in the tallest tower, and what do you suppose I found? (first of all, name that movie)

A hot cakes and sausage platter with the finest blend of fountain Coca Cola around. Say what you will about McDonald's food, but they have the best damn fountain coke around. They really do.

And I went to get some this morning, despite the 7 inches of new snow that canceled church this morning. And when my dh asked me if I was really going to drive in this, I recounted the recent story someone sent to me in my email about an alcoholic in Michigan (maybe it was Missouri?) who drove his lawn mower, while drunk, to the liquor store in a snow storm because his wife had the car. And he needed a fix. So, yes, I DID go to McDonalds on a Sunday in the horrific snow. One of the best cokes I have ever had. I should have bought two, however, because mine is gone, and I want more. Perhaps I will have some chocolate cake instead. :)

It has box frosting. (don't ask, it's the same as wrapper cheese) And it's the BEST chocolate cake I have had from a restaurant in a LONG time. :) Go get a coke from McDonalds. If you like fountain coke, I promise you won't be sorry. I don't know how they do it, but it's worth the extra money you spend not having to get out of your car, because it's that good. And it's that good all over the entire country. Some day I will sit and figure out how many states I have actually had Coke from McDonalds in. It's a LOT. and it's the same coke all over the country.

So, it's true what they say. Have a coke and a smile. :) I know I did.

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jenalih said...

They do have great Coke, and I'm jealous of your cake leftovers...I bet it was so good!